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Valentines idea for my boyfriend… I have an idea on wat to but would like some input…?

First of all I want to buy a big heart balloon that say something like happy valentines day i love you on it then pink, red, and white balloons to match…. Then have them with a hught teddy bear that says I love you or something of that… then have a love note and a love mix…. then put it all in his truck with fake rose petals on his seats…. then later on that day when we hang out give him a dallas coyboys wallet he wants and an american eagle polo he wants…. tell me if its a good idea… i thought about it for a while want to know if its a good idea…

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7 Responses to “Valentines idea for my boyfriend… I have an idea on wat to but would like some input…?”

  1. Dethruhate said:

    Perfect, but just don’t forget the dirty pic of you in the wallet and you’ve got a winner

  2. Ferrissettebabyi<3u said:

    great idea. really. u’ve really thought this through and considered what he wants/needs.. i applaud u and ur efforts girly! :]]

  3. cyclgrrl said:

    I concur with Deth – add something racy and you’re good to go.

    Greet him at the door as your grand finale with three small chocolate hearts affixed with whipped cream onto three strategic spots – and nothing else. Then tell him its ‘treat time’.



  4. double d debbie said:

    that sounds fab!!!!!
    i might steel your idea its that fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are a genius

  5. Sean Carter said:

    You’ve got a good idea…this will really surprise him a lot…well if you want to add something more you can check out for more ideas and suggestions!!!

  6. Katie S said:

    Think twice on the fake rose petals. Those will take FOREVER to get out of his truck, and may end up being more irritating than romantic when all is said and done.

    If you still go with them, though, be creative! Tuck them up between the visor and the roof of the truck. Then, when he flips down the visor to get the sun out of his eyes, he’ll get sprinkled with them!

  7. Dr. Education said:

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