Valentines gift that has to do with pictures?

….but not a scrapbook (I don’t have THAT many pictures of us)

Or any other cute crafty ideas?
Okay Monalisa thank you for not giving me an answer what so-ever. I really didn’t ask if all pictures were done electronically(because they arent) and I didn’t ask if he would like it.

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2 Responses to “Valentines gift that has to do with pictures?”

  1. MonaLisa Overdrive AM VT wannabe said:

    These days, I thought pictures are all done electronic… you know, a slide show, post it on youtube or something.

    Anyway, he’s a guy – if the pictures aren’t sexy, he won’t like it, no matter how nice he is about saying he does.

  2. tinkfreak1992 said:

    I made my boyfriend a collage at Costco with a bunch of our pics… and i am putting it in a frame… i made him one for our 1 month and put pics of us in his locker and he loved it… and then i’m doing a fun little thing at school the day before 2/14… i bought a bottle of crush, and i’m gonna make a sign that says “I HAVE A…” and then a bottle of crush on a picture of him inside his locker… it is so cool… my mom and i are planning it… i like fun little things but he liked the collage by itself… best of luck…


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