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Valentines gift idea?

I know it’s a month away, but i need an idea. I’m 15, my boyfriend’s 17 (don’t comment on the age difference) We’re both each other’s first boyfriend/girlfriend, and we will be dating almost exactly a year on valentines day (February 27th is our anniversary) what would a good gift be?

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4 Responses to “Valentines gift idea?”

  1. Chris Marquez said:

    How CUTE!!!!! well i think you should get him a valentines card A BIG one and a BIG stuffed animal or a BIG balloon if you can’t get an animal

  2. Ted Mosbey said:

    get him an autograph from his favorite actor or musician or athlete. you can get it signed specifically to him with a message and everything. he will really appreciated the lengths you went to get it for him, but its actually really easy and cheap 🙂

    hope this helps!

  3. Kandice said:

    the gift of love! 😉

  4. Afro llama said:

    Put together a movie night themed gift basket. Go find a medium size basket from Goodwill, Go to dollar store/Wal-Mart and load up basket with: Microwave popcorn, Sodas, Candy and DVD.


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