Valentines gift for boyfriend?

I need to get my boyfriend a gift for valentines day, and he just says he doesn’t want anything. We’ve been going out for a little over a month but have known each other longer. I want to get him something nice and personal, my budget is pretty tight at the moment. Suggestions?

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  1. :-) said:

    well idk but, what does he like to do or what are his hobbies?

  2. Columbia said:

    video game
    dvd favorite movie or music group they like
    cd of music
    sports dvd
    gift card to their favorite store
    gift card to their favorite fast food place
    techno gadget of some kind….just search this, you will find a lot…
    balloon bouquet
    A basket of food samples, such as cookies, crackers etc…..guys love food! Lol
    does he collect anything? add to his collection

  3. Lizzy said:

    Sometimes the smaller, more personal gifts are nicer than an expensive gift which may scare him if you’ve only been together a month.
    A nice photo of the two of you in a frame?
    A film/CD that has some meaning to both of you?
    Maybe something related to a hobby – an engraved guitar pick if he plays the guitar for example?
    If he’s mentioned anything he used to like as a child you could get him something similar – for example my boyfriend was talking about how much he used to like Kinder Eggs when he was younger so I got him one randomly one day, a pointless gift but shows that you listen.
    You could always cook something for him, or just make him a card with in-jokes or photos on?
    If your boyfriend said not to get him anything bear in mind he might be hinting that he hasn’t gotten you anything special, however as long as you’re not expecting anything in return I would probably still him something small. Good luck and hope you have a lovely day!


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