valentines gift for bf good idea or not?

so i am with my bf and he asked me to marry him a while ago, but i have not given him an answer i was thinking for valentines day i am going to tell im to come to my place i am going to make dinner for him and i thought i should tell him “yes” i want to marry him.. is that a good idea?

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8 Responses to “valentines gift for bf good idea or not?”

  1. Love.♥ said:

    sure why not. thats perfect.

  2. sarahbaby! said:

    Thats Really Cute.
    I Think Its A Good Idea.

  3. paintgrenade said:

    if you want to marry him, then there is nothing wrong with the idea

  4. PoeticPink said:

    thats good cool idea

  5. Julie said:

    Aw,romantic ^^
    I’m sure that’ll make him really happy 🙂

  6. loliepop1084 said:

    That would be a great present….maybe you should get a jewelry box or something that he can open or unwrap and have a paper on the inside saying, yes I will be your wife.

  7. Kira Girl said:

    yeah why not

  8. Rahul C said:

    Very good idea……………..

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