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Valentines Gift Date?

I want to know a good idea for a date for valentines day that isnt that exspensive but still very good like when this guy sees whats going on he will be like wow haha

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2 Responses to “Valentines Gift Date?”

  1. clint said:

    Dress scantily and prance around for him. Give him a lap dance.

  2. ccf_24 said:

    Well I am planning to make a pic nic with some nice meal at front of a tv and some dies with messages of love and wine and a nice romantic, comedy movie.
    As well, I am going to prepare a nice Belly Dance performer to him because I am a instructor and he never saw me dacing like asking for it. We are celebrating His Bday, V-day, and our anniversary of one year of relationship. So I am planning a big thing. You can also make a romantic dinner or get tickets for a movie, concert or comedy stand show.

    Good luck !
    Try this website have a lot tips there too.


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