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Valentines day/night out tales: best as couple, as group or solo?

I/we often dance with the biggest group

How @ U? – @ L’pool Yates?

Liverpool culture capital Valentine’s Day special karaoke disco prizes


What’s cooking in the Kitchen?

… Kitty Disco’ & Artist Jo Derbyshire in Loft Space Project, Liverpool, England … The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater is the place to be on Valentine’s Day ’07! … – 144k
… 408451/ ]

Welcome back to GeekUp ’08\, in the European capital of geek culture. … BBQ will be going all day and beer will be served. … – 200k

( Limit 1 vote per day per IP address) Then come and see the contest to Rock IRAQ … Regular menu served in addition to all special items. … – 172k

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  1. who me? said:

    Thanks for the information you solve my problem were to go out on that day.


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