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Valentines Day really sucks?

first of all it makes single people feel all lonely, for that day, because all the couples come out kissing, hugging, and showing love to each other, basically showing off their love by rubbing it on single peoples face. also if a girl gets nothing for Valentines day, they feel worthless. even people in a relationship have to shower their girlfriends with flowers and presents, for that one day. also guys who are single buy gifts for women, so they can get laid on Valentines night. Valentines Day is a stupid holiday. there are 365 days, any day is a good day to show love, why is it that one day. do you people also think Valentines Day sucks?

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6 Responses to “Valentines Day really sucks?”

  1. John Z said:


  2. usuai said:

    I agree completely. To me valentines day is just a holiday created by hallmark to sell their cards, and candy companies to push their ridiculously overpriced chocolates.

  3. simles forever said:

    I think that valentines is Great…
    u dont need a boyfriend
    u can show love to people that u love the most like your family by going out or making cute stuff for them … there isnt a rule that you need a man of female next to you …

  4. center84 said:

    True, V-Day is over rated, but do you have to whine quite so much about it. It makes you seem kind of…sad, I guess. Though I have always seen V-Day as a back burner type of thing. February 14th has and always will be my father’s birthday. Funny story, last V-Day my then girlfriend got mad at me for calling my pops during dinner. She went to the restroom, and I made the call. She was unnecessarily upset to find me on the phone when she returned.

  5. sharmane said:

    absolutely not…we show our love everyday to people who are special to us but during valentines day its like a celebration which you renew your feelings to someone you love. just learn to appreciate it.

  6. Zohaib said:

    i agree with you. they don’t even about love. bye the way gifts are for spending night. may u got what i mean


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