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Valentines day is around the corner Need Help Please!!!?

We both are 25, engaged and just started living together 1 month ago. The other day I noticed some papers in the garbage that where ripped in half. Me be curious I looked at them. One of the papers where from her diary 2 years ago. It read ” Today was Valentines day and Jeremy(the guy she was dating at the time not me) got of work early bought me flowers and cooked me a fancy Tia meal and had champaine and chocolate covered strawberries. It was the best Valentines day I have ever had.

Well to make a long story short we have been together for 1 year on Febuary 24th, 2008. Well I was going to make this big dinner for Valentines day (because it is our first together and I wanted to top “her best Valentines day”) for her but she surprised me my telling me that we are going out to dinner with some friends Valentines night which is okay. I still want to do something extra special. Please help me top her Valentines day experience.

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8 Responses to “Valentines day is around the corner Need Help Please!!!?”

  1. so Fresh said:

    Tiffany & Co. Godiva chocolates. La Perla lingerie. Flowers.

  2. KJ said:

    you’re competing with ghosts.
    you’ll never win.

    what did that guy get after giving her the best v day ever?
    an early exit?

    get what i’m saying?

  3. NIKKI said:

    Try to set up the home (maybe get a friend to help while you are at dinner) with flowers and candles everywhere & music playing , so that you can have a romantic surprise for her when you get back from having dinner.

  4. semoangel70 said:

    Since valentines falls during the week have a belated valentines. call around and book a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub for saturday night. Pack a bag for her and hide it in the car and take her there. Go ahead of time and have the room set up for a candelight dinner and have the dinner you prepared in a cooler in the trunk. You get to have your dinner a nice relaxing bath and whatever else just make the most of it. She won’t be expecting it since it is after the day and will blow her away.

  5. Beatngu said:

    Why not breakfast in bed? You can get up early, and even do most things the night before… I know I have done an over night french toast that you bake and it was AWESOME. Go the night before and get a bunch of her favorite flowers, and leave them in a place she can’t find. Get some gourmet coffee (if she likes coffee, or tea, or whatever) to brew with her breakfast. Then, take it all up to her and wake her up with the most passionate kiss she has ever had.

    I think that could beat her “best”.

  6. georgiegirl said:

    one thought would be to fix her a really nice breakfast served in bed, and flowers,or take her out to a really nice place for breakfast. . The fact those papers were in the trash maybe shows she cares about you and the present more than she does the past. so i wouldn’t try to compete with the past. just enjoy the present.

  7. Louise C said:

    I think it is very sweet of you to want to give your fiancee a better Valentine’s day than her ex did, but I think you are worrying unnecessarily.

    The diary where she says it was the best Valentine’s Day ever is ripped in half and in the bin. You are her present and her future, not him. Buy her a nice present, flowers, chocolates, whatever you think will please her, but don’t worry about competing with this other chap. She wouldn’t be engaged to you if she didn’t think you were better than him. She’ll have a better Valentine’s Day with you than she did with him just because you are you.

  8. Tarzan said:

    Try This site to get some ideas about Valentines Gift:

    Good luck with your Valentines!


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