Valentines day idea help?

okay well i have this valentines day idea i need some tips or hints or own ideas on.. well we have school on this friday and our school is 8 periods long. i was going to buy a dozen roses and leave one rose in each of her classes before she gets there and i would just keep them in my locker, would it be the same or anybetter if i went there right before she got in the class or in the morning to each class she has. and will they survive for atleast the day? and should i leave a card with each flower?

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3 Responses to “Valentines day idea help?”

  1. Edward lover said:

    You should leave cards with the rose but make sure she does not recognize your hand writing !!!!!!!!!!!!
    The roses should survive in your locker!!!!!!!!!

  2. EmmaLee said:

    Definitely leave a card with each, and you may need to deliver them before each class, or get the teacher in on it so it doesn’t get destroyed by the class before hers 🙂 but that is a super cute idea

  3. love08 said:

    awwww cute ! in the morning before each class ,tell the teachers ,make sure each rose has a water tube , you should leave a note with each with one word on it so at the end of the day she has to put them together .


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