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Valentines day gift idea- No money but priceless?

I am kind of low on funds (being a poor college student and all :p), and I want to do something special for my boyfriend (no, not sex).

I was wondering if anyone had some gift ideas that will cost nothing, yet still be priceless?


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5 Responses to “Valentines day gift idea- No money but priceless?”

  1. brooke l said :

    i made my bf a card and on the front it said “doing anything specail tonight?” and on the inside i drew 2 people doing it, and it said “hoe about me’ but cut out our faces from pictures that had the perfect facial expression. it was perfect because it was dirty but still cute and funny. he loved it, and showed all his buddies, haha. it was his favorite thing that ive made him so far.

  2. Fruity J said :

    looodes of ideas-
    * a novelty valentine card-it culd pop up or a hav a secret message-0 u can find lodes on the interent
    *bake him a specail cake or something very special that he luvs
    *make a hand made picture frame and put a really specail picture of yhoo and him 2gether in it.
    *a valentine treasure hunt- it sounds a bit sad but it depends on wat sort of guy he is
    *a lock of your hair in sumfing pretty- reely romantic
    *a love poem (if yhoo are a good writter anyway)
    *painting or drawing of sumfing (dunno wat soz)sumfing he likes i suppose

    hope this helps, byee

  3. saachi said :

    i’ll tell you what i did last valentine and my boy friend just loved it.
    i made a scrap book.
    cover page- i put our picture in a heart carved on paper.
    added things in it like memorable days of our relation.
    101 reasons why i love you
    some poems i wrote for him

    he felt really special when he received this.
    try it..add little of your imagination. it’ll be gr8!
    all the best

  4. kim h said :

    I think you should get some cool stuff for him like necklace

    I know this website has a lot cool necklaces
    and the price also is really good!!!

  5. Flowergal90 said :

    Here are some ideas of creative things you could get your bf for Valentines day. Some cheap ideas and others a little bit more expensive.


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