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Valentines day date with a new guy?

So, I went out with this guy sat night, who is totally awesome. He wants to see me again over the weekend.I was hoping that he would say something about valentines day.Then again , it may be too early for us to be together on that day? Should I say something to him , or just let it roll the way it is? I dont want to scare this guy off, he is just too perfect!

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2 Responses to “Valentines day date with a new guy?”

  1. seszterke_hu said:

    Just simply ask “So what are you doing Valentine’s Day?”
    If he really is perfect, he won’t get scared.


    Good luck.

  2. CAITLIN said:

    Valentine’s Day is taken way too serious. A date for Valentine’s Day doesn’t automatically mean a serious relationship. People who aren’t dating anybody usually enjoy company on that day. In college we would use it as an excuse to get dressed up and go out for dinner. My friend and I went dress shopping and bought each other roses and candy. Eventually everybody wanted in on it and we had a group of girls and guys going out. It was so much fun.

    If you are worried about it being too intimate with just the two of you, orchestrate a group get together and invite him along. Have fun with it and don’t get too wrapped up with the day itself.


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