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valentines day date…is it real?

me and this guy have been teased by our friends for a year and he asked me out on valentines day. He called it a friendly date. We had awesome fun, had classy expensive dinner, then went for arcade gaming, then movie. He spend for everything. oh and he got me big box of ferrero rocher also :). i thanked him for the wonderful day and he thanked me for giving him an awesome time. we started at like 730 pm and i reached my room at around 230 am. both of ua are university students and we live in different hostels. but the thing is on 15th and today, i thought i wouldnt contact him and wait for him to contact me. he hasnt. and my friends were saying that he took me out because of peer pressure and that he sees me only as a friend. well, after he asked me out on a date, both of us have been really close and im missin him now. How will i know if he sees me only as a friend or more than that, I think i like him.

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6 Responses to “valentines day date…is it real?”

  1. just dance said:


  2. Poppy said:

    If a guy spends that much on you he wants more than just friendship. Give him a short call to just thank him again for a wonderful evening. He’ll know you are interested.

  3. Sam said:

    maybe he’s thinkin he’ll wait for you to ring too
    he definitley likes you
    trust me
    why would someone spend what i’m guessin was at least £50/$80 on someone they didn’t like
    have a bit of confidence;)

  4. NONAME said:

    You’re in university? You can’t even structure a sentence!

  5. Toji53 said:

    I might casually contact him tomorrow and see what he’s doing. Tell him you had fun the other night, and if he ever wants to get together again, to let you know. If he doesn’t contact you, he’s not interest to pursue anything. It very well could have been a friend thing.

    I know it can be nerve racking when you like someone and they’re not doing what you thought they would, but he may just be busy. Just keep busy yourself and don’t stress out too much about whether he calls or not.

  6. Nate said:

    If he spent that much time and money on you I would think there has to be something there. Did you try to pay and he refused to take the money? If yes, he likes you.

    Try calling him once a day, don’t leave messages unless he doesn’t have your number and at that only leave one message and the rest of the time just call. Eventually he’ll get back to you and let you know if he is or is not interested in pursuing you.

    Don’t get too caught up in him if you’re not sure yet, you might only end up feeling hurt by him.

    Best of wishes!


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