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valentines day date if u have a man already,far away?

so i am in a long distance relaitonship right now and on valentinees day what do i dowhat do i should i not go out at all that night or like idk what to do?????help me please.

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3 Responses to “valentines day date if u have a man already,far away?”

  1. mary c said:

    you can drive/fly out to her. You can have a cute movie date w/ her where you watch the movie on the phone w her at the same time which at least shows you are trying. send her something at work/school. Try to be creative/make it work or at least show her you care even though you are so far away.

  2. BECKAdee. <33 said:

    You definitely shouldn’t go out with anyone if you’re already in a relationship, wherever they are.
    You could go with a group of people, I can’t see anything wrong with that.

  3. J.H. said:

    Sometimes a bunch of my single girlfriends and I go out. It feels like one big episode of “Sex and the City.”

    If I don’t go out, I volunteer my time for another couple and will usually babysit their kids. Sounds boring I know, but they like to compensate me ($$) and I make their kids my valentines. It’s cute.


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