valentines day date help?

I’m having a little trouble of coming up with some ideas for a valentine’s day date for me and my girlfriend. we have been dating for 2 months and we both have each others gifts we just dont have a date planned. it is supposed to be 26 and cloudy on valentines day night and I have zero ideas besides the movie theatres. help me please

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6 Responses to “valentines day date help?”

  1. *Georgous* said:

    Um How about an candlelit dinner are something special like that.

  2. Brandi B said:

    Make her dinner, rent a movie, and snuggle up together on the couch in the candle light. Sounds better than going to a crowded movie theater.

  3. bubbles070184 said:

    Do you have a local theater where they do live plays? If not try something different like an indoor go cart place! It’s fun and good bonding for you and her. If that isn’t your thing or you want something more “romantic” check and see if any local areas have wine tastings. Usually golf member clubs or things of that nature will have wine tastings and will let the public in. Good luck!

  4. Carl said:

    What im doing is having her over to watch a couple movies and order takeaway, its simple, cheap and kind of romantic.

  5. shauna said:

    are you in an area near a ski resort? you can do something fun like go skiing or tubing. Or, go ice skating.

    If you’re not in the mood for outdoor adventures, then make her dinner and rent some classic, romantic movies. She will be thrilled. Or, you can go out to dinner and movie. That never fails.

  6. PDiddy said:

    Going out on valentines day is always a mess. Especially for dinner and movies. So doing something more personal shows more effort instead of throwing money out for things. Have an indoor picnic with flowers and roses around. Make a nice dinner for both of you. Do something contructive together, like do a puzzle , play some games, paint or whatever somthing you both like. That way your doing it together. I dont know if your at the point of giving massages or anything but go look up some massage techniques, and light some candles and giver her a nice romantic massage. And rent some movies and make some nice deserts and treats for during the movie. Cuddle up and there ya go. Hope i helped.


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