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Valentines date is on the 14th, my 2nd date is on the 16th or 17th.. roses ? or no, or a specific color?

yea Ive been working on some origami roses too maybe that would be a more intermediate level?

Im not trying to come across a bit strong with roses and I love you’s on the second date, I dont like her that much yet anyways, but I did think it might be nice, to give her one maybe , but you guys or girls tell me
ive read up on the colors and what not too so maybe orange? or

maybe im over thinking lol

advice and opinions would be nice

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4 Responses to “Valentines date is on the 14th, my 2nd date is on the 16th or 17th.. roses ? or no, or a specific color?”

  1. pogo038 said :

    A dozen roses would signify that you’re really into her and red means love. One would be fine for the 2nd date only. You could go pink or any other colour (personally I HATE orange).
    Good luck!

  2. The Badger said :

    Get her a box if hard candies …like the be mines and stuff so cute and its not overly romantic

  3. hockey13 said :

    Carnations are an option,try a mixture, red, white and pink, this way you cover all the basis, BUT make sure she gets a card On the 14th, this way she won’t look at the flowers as an after thought. She will appreciate the flowers more knowing that you were thinking about her before the 14th.

  4. Shawn S said :

    Everybody does red roses on Valentine’s. What I think is even better is if you find out what her favorite flower is and get her a bouquet of those. It’s much more personal than just the usual red roses.

    Also, origami flowers aren’t a bad idea! My fiance made me a bouquet of those years ago when we first started dating. They turned out beautiful, and they will last forever! You can even spritz them with cologne! A word of warning, though. The kawasaki rose is very difficult. He spent hours trying to figure out how to make one and still couldn’t do it. He’s a very smart and methodical computer programmer, too, so he’s not dumb! He wound up making a bouquet of origami irises and lillies of all different colors stuck in a nice stone vase with foam inside to keep them in place. I loved it because not only is it beautiful and longer lasting than normal flowers, but it also took him a lot of time, which made it very personal.

    Origami tip: There are videos on YouTube on how to make origami flowers. It’s much easier to follow a video of someone making them instead of reading about it. Good luck!


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