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Valentines Date Ideas!?

Ok, so I live in Canada..therefore it is veryyy cold outside.
Anyways! I need date ideas! Me and my boyfriend don’t know what to do to make this Valentine’s day special! I’m making him dinner friday night, but what should we do before or after??
Preferably not outside..and something that doesn’t require too much money!

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3 Responses to “Valentines Date Ideas!?”

  1. Nicholas P said :

    i think you guys should go to a movie. that’s what me and my girlfriend are doing. go to either a comedy or a horror. if its a horror, cuddle when you get scared

  2. Lexi said :

    oooh difficult. i too live in canada lol. you could to the whole snuggling up to a romantic movie but i guess thats not special enough for a valentines date…you should maybe get him to help you with the cooking so you can plafully offer him some tastes to see how its going. you might also want to make a cd with slow songs and have a dance but just the two of you to slow songs.

  3. Cady F said :

    well for me i would go sledding cuz i never been before but since you live in canada that prolly wouldnt be very exciting. so if you dont want to be outside i would make him a homemade card with stickers and whatever just really cute kinda cheesy i know but i think hell love it, make a list of his favorite movies and go rent a few when you show up at his house or him at yours surprise him with some movies and all his favorite things like last year i got my bf a bunch of his fav things like 2 packs of mini candy bars( his fav, ones) a 4 pack of redbull cuz he loves it his fav gum, you know be creative buy a few of his fav. things and i thought it wasnt that great of an idea but when i gave it to him he lovedddd it he said it was the best gift hed ever gotten.
    also i dont know how long you have been together but if youve been together for a while and have pics together you could make a scrap book or a slideshow and copy to a disc for him to put in his computer of a bunch of pics of you two. a scrap book you can decorate and stuff and keep adding on through the years and a slideshow you can have a song in the background and lots of cool effects.

    good luck !!!


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