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Valentines Date Advice? (Best answer!!)?

Ok I dated this girl (we both go to the same college) for the month of October. We had great chemistry and I thought it would develop to something serious. However she said she was too busy for a relationship and we have barely talked since. She’s kinda ignored me too. I think it might have to do with how she broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years a couple months before we started dating.

Anyway Valentines Day is coming up and I was thinking tomorrow I would of call her and leave this on her voicemail (it’s doubtful she will answer): “Hey …. I hope you are doing well. I was calling to see if you’d like to get together on Valentines day. I know we haven’t been able to spend time together since last semester but I promise we’ll have a great time and you won’t regret it. I’m actually going to a (NBA basketball game) tonight but I will try you again after. Take care.”

How does that sound? Any advice? Thanks so much!!

If I don’t hear back from her then its completely over right?

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5 Responses to “Valentines Date Advice? (Best answer!!)?”

  1. MILF said :

    it sounds a little long to be honest. if i was you i would just say “hey just calling to see what you were doing valentines day call me back”

    it leaves more for her to imagine and makes it sound like its not as big of a deal to you. girls like to chase guys around!

    good luck!

  2. Amy K said :

    Don’t say “i promise we’ll have a great time and you wont’ regret it” bit- too cheesy and slightly creepy. Just say i was wondering if you’d like to meet up and maybe grab something to eat. Don’t make it sound too formal, you might scare her off, especially as it’s on valentines day. But it will be a nice way to put your mind at rest because then you wil know if it is really over or not and if it is you should move on.

  3. t0pm0del07 said :

    it sounds great 2 me.. i wish somebody would leave me a valentine voicemail.

  4. warneal69 said :

    Personally, I believe it should have been “completely over” back when she told you that she was “too busy” for the relationship.

    What? Do you think she was lying when she told you that?

    Stop chasing your own tail.

  5. ali J said :

    ya it sounds cute, and that you truly care. In my opinion you should keep the length of the message because then she has a chance of seeing that your still interested, instead of just wanting to chill on valentines day. And if you dont hear back immediatly give her some time she could just be really busy.good luck i hope this helped:). O ya almost forgot and you might want to do something that seems more appealing to her. i mean i know i dont know her , she could be way into sports. but girls generally tend to like a dinner in or a cutesy little movie. Try offering to do things that you know the both of you would enjoy


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