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Valentine Card to a Crush?yes or no?

I have a crush and i wanna give him a valentine card that says either
Whenever I see you my breath goes away Whenever you leave I wish you could stay

You left me with scars but still in my heart all the days I’ve known you I hoped we’d never be apart

He left me with scars but he healed my heart I found my place secure in your arms

should i give him any of these cards yes or no why why not
i’ve known him for a while now and i know he likes me 2

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2 Responses to “Valentine Card to a Crush?yes or no?”

  1. Dawn Stone said:

    i think it should say, whenever i see you it takes my breath away. whenever you leave i wish you could stay.

    but i like the first one the best.

  2. Christina Roberts said:



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