Valentine Card Question?

So I really like this girl and she knows it, but im pretty sure she does not like me. Almost a year ago she got done with a hard relationship. So maybe shes just not ready for a relationship. Anyway, what can I write on a card for her? I am just clueless about this kind of stuff, never had a girlfriend. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Blinkraven said:

    Well, if you think she isn’t ready for a relationship, then don’t say i love you or anything like that to make her feel pressured. Just say happy valentine’s day, so that she feels better, and if she feels better about herself, then she might feel better about other people (you). But if you KNOW FOR SURE that she doesn’t like you then don’t say i love you obviously. the key is to not say anything too too serious, but just keep it simple.


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