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Valentine card for your Cat?

Who gave or is planning to give Valentine card to his male/female cat? I gave a very big one to my cat today. He is still playing with it all day. It was a cat photo!!! ha ha!
Please, would love to know if I am the only mad one here or I have some friends who feel like me?!!

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13 Responses to “Valentine card for your Cat?”

  1. gemaustin said :

    I shall just be giving my cat valentine cuddles!

  2. Toot n Come In said :


  3. pugs5678 said :

    actually I got my two pugs one they love it lol they are so cute with it want to chew it up but mommy says no way gotta love your fur friends

  4. pookeybear said :

    all of our animals get something every holiday horses get a bag of treats cats indoor and outdoor all get new play mice or some kind of new toy the dogs get new toys and the pet rats get a new toy also. are animals are like our kids shoot we thought we were the only ones who decorate the house,barn and every other place for every holiday

  5. Keith C said :

    We will do something for all of our children.

    3 Dogs, 3 cats, and our Cockatiel.

    Nothing wrong with that 🙂

  6. Gina C said :

    LOL…you are NOT alone. My husband and I always gave pet companions gifts on holidays. I got my dog a red rubber chew toy….and she’s squeaking it like crazy! Have fun!

  7. shadowheartsiberians said :

    If you want to share a card with your cats, nothing wrong with that and there are many people who will be doing something like that. Others will give treats or toys. Valentines Day is a day to show those you care about that you do! While cats can’t understand that, they do appreciate treats, toys and your attention!

  8. Jolene said :

    If only I had one, I’d. 🙂

  9. [email protected] said :

    If I had thought about it, I would have given all 4 of mine something for Valentine’s Day – after all, I’m a girl and they’re all my guys (4 of them!)

    But, I DO have a stocking hung on the fireplace mantle for each of them at Christmas, loaded with goodies!

  10. Mike M said :

    I got them some cats dessert.

  11. shauna said :

    nope, i won’t be giving my kitties any valentines, but i’m sure there will be extra snuggling today. they love catnip, so maybe i’ll give them a little treat today.

  12. Ashley S said :

    I wouldn’t give a valentine card to my cat. He would eat it and then end up throwing it back up. Rather then giving him a card I would get him some cat nip.

  13. Preggo with baby boy said :

    You are not the only mad one. Not only do all 3 of my kitties get Valentines but they also get their own little Easter baskets. And Christmas stockings and they even get their own little plate of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Ive tried dressing them up for Halloween but that didnt go over so well. So you are not the only mad one. LOL.


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