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valentine card for my bf?

i’ve made my bf a valentine card with a heart and x’s on the front with ‘i love you…’ and on the inside ‘… more than anything in the world’ with a picture of the world. is this too soppy? we’ve been together for 3 months and both say ‘i love you’ and we have a very close relationship. he’s made me a card and writing me a poem but i’m not great at poetry so any other ideas what i can write in it? (we’re both 17 btw)

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2 Responses to “valentine card for my bf?”

  1. <3. said :

    just write a lot of sweet stuff. :]
    how you feel about him &
    maybe throw in some of yall’s inside jokes

  2. mummy me said :

    seem a bit much for three months together but if you guys are there then good luck to you both, i am sure it is fine but could post a picture that might help people see what you mean and suggest creative st valentines day is all about the soppy stuff. (personally i hate it, not single lol.)


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