So Im going on my valentines date tonight…outfit advice?

Im thinking some black slacks, pointy gold/bronze heels, black shirt and a olive-y shawl/scarf…

But I dont know how to wear the scarf..its a big long scarf, can be worn short as well…advice on scarf?

Should I just forget the scarf, go all black, with gold heels and maybe a turquoise necklace?

thanks for any advice!
Not under 16…

20 actually…:-D

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5 Responses to “So Im going on my valentines date tonight…outfit advice?”

  1. fashionista17 said:

    ok for the scarf you could fold it in half then pull the end sides through the little loop (i hope you understood that). or you could put it around your neck then wrap one in around in the front and the other in the back. (hope you understood that too).

  2. Volleyball Girl said:

    I like the second choice better. but it really depends on how old you are. if u are under 16, go with the second choice. if u r older then try wearing the scarf by hanging it on your shoulders and then throing it over your shoulders.

  3. Hank the wayward Christmas tree said:

    The scarf would make you look 50. Ditch the scarf, and the slacks. I think a skirt, knee length, or barely above the knees, would be the best. It would be sexy, yet not slutty.

  4. rcaba002 said:

    I like the scarf idea… especially on an all black outfit, but only if the weather permits one. wrap it around your neck once and have it hang at both ends infront of you. Make sure to accessorize your ears with fancy earrings that accentuate the scarf and you’ll have a subtle look with a splash of color!

  5. sahota said:

    Definitely go with scarf. You can choose one of most popular styles or something different. Video link below shows 3 most popular styles for wearing a scarf. Hope this is of some help to you. And good thing is these videos use long scarf to demonstrate so you might find it useful.


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