singles poll: How many do not have a date for Valentines day yet?

Any prospects?

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38 Responses to “singles poll: How many do not have a date for Valentines day yet?”

  1. out for justice said:

    Not yet.

  2. blackxbunnyx666 said:

    Im always gonna be single


  3. The Curious said:

    Not me!

  4. Diego L said:

    Not now but I will tomorrow

  5. Jennie hates the Next 3 weeks said:

    Angel Baby my Dog is my Valentine’s Sweetheart this year

  6. smarty/dum-dum said:

    i dont, i’m only 14

  7. Ryan G said:

    Dateless so far..

  8. irish_matt1971 said:

    no and no i am all alone snif snif

  9. KissieFaceDanielle said:

    lol i dont but then again im not really worried about it anyways

  10. not-labeled♥ said:

    I don’t…

  11. Daniel I said:

    no and no

  12. xXxlife is but a dreamxXx said:

    i dont..

  13. fun said:

    i dont,and i doubt i will.

  14. Ninja.Kurry said:

    i have one…
    my boyfriend 🙂


  15. drador08 said:

    i really dont want one because that could turn into a i like you situation and since im leaving in 5 months for bmt, ill pass

  16. Smiley said:


  17. Shhh...It's a secret! said:

    No and I’m probably not going to have one until I’m like 57. Wow! : |

  18. little miss sunshine said:

    Me!!! haha i have a few prospects.. but of course i’m not going to ask either one of them out lol. i know… i’m a scaredy-cat… Maybe one of them will ask me out!

  19. tori said:

    nope but im getting roses and teddy bears from people<3

  20. *twilight*.* flute* said:


  21. couch32 said:

    No to both questions

  22. Jeremy R said:

    **Raises hand and ducks head in shame**

  23. Jen F said:

    I don’t, not really bothered 🙂
    Though there is one guy I like…

  24. ♥Sassy Gal 2♥ said:

    Nope,nope, and I am good with that.

  25. It'sDiamondBaby said:

    Me and this aint the first time : (

  26. Miss Livi said:

    I kinda have this syndrome where I don’t really want to be more than friends with anybody.

  27. rcButterfly said:

    I don’t have a date nor do I expect one

  28. wyomugs said:

    I’m technically single, but have someone, but he won’t take me out or do anything special…. he hasn’t for years, why should I expect something different? Tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes!

    Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

  29. Morgan J said:

    I too hang my head in shame. Non

  30. kitty said:

    DATE? What the hell is that.. havent had a date in so long i would know what it was..

  31. leejonesl said:

    me no 🙁

  32. just.b1aze said:

    I dont :'(

  33. Elanshaw said:

    I can honestly say I’ve never had a date for Valentines day..

    Prospects are slim unfortunately..

  34. Siouxxi B. Morningstar said:

    Nothing here yet. I have made a lot of good friends here, but Mom, Pop, brothers, friends I have known while growing up, all are 880 some miles back in Sheboygan. Been tempted to drive to Iowa to meet up with my friend, Paul (Papa Smurf)….he is the closest person I have to a Valentine right now. Yes, he is 22 years older, but he is a kind and caring soul…what more could a person ask.

    But then, there is another kind soul in Chicago…maybe he would at least accept a long distant Valentine…sc…one for you.

  35. duct tape said:

    I dont and I’m not looking for one

  36. ☼boobaby454☼ said:

    As a Matter of Fact I do!

  37. Goddess of Love said:

    I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. I believe that we should all show our love every single day, without a miss. I know that’s weird. That is to say, i never had any Valentine’s date myself… Was never looking for one.

  38. Masha_Resurrected said:

    I hate Valentine’s Day. And I have someone.


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