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should we go see valentines day or dear john for our vday date?

my bf ALWAYS picks the movie, not that i complain, i like action stuff, but we never, literally never go see chick flicks. so he said i could pick the movie. i was thinking valentines day cuz i know he loves jessica biel and jessica alba, but i wanna see dear john too and i like channing tatum.

which one is better for a date?

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12 Responses to “should we go see valentines day or dear john for our vday date?”

  1. ilovethescript said:

    id say valentines day
    it looks funny, and romantic..if your guy doesnt like romantic movies, he will at least laugh

  2. $êêk¡ñg thè åñswërs said:

    I have never seen any one of them, but the previews for Dear John seems most appropriate and quite romantic.

  3. Marzy:) said:

    I went and saw Valentines day yesterday, and honestly it wasn’t very good. The reviews were terrible, it wasn’t directed very well, and it wasn’t very even romantic. I’d say if you want romantic then Dear John.(btw jessica biel and Jessica Abla were hardly even in the movie.You saw jessica alba like twice)

  4. Carrie said:

    dear john is a better movie with better actors. it great, go see that movie.

  5. Kayk said:

    Well seeing as they both have gotten terrible reviews I would save your money and just rent a good chick flick and snuggle up on the couch. I’ve never been one for torturing my boyfriend.

  6. perfectangelana said:

    well i actually saw both. i saw dear john with my friends and cried and i saw valentines day with a guy and laughed.

    but either one is fine. it depends. do you want a more romantic one that will make you cry and i heard guys even liked it. then see Dear John

    or do you want one that is more about making you laugh. then see Valentines Day!

    personally i like dear john the best but i also know people who didnt like the movie but i think thats just cause they read the book.

    either choice is fine! have fun! =]

  7. dplusaforever said:

    DEAR JOHNNN but dont watch the gives away a lot of the movie! its cute and sad me and my boyfriend saw it…amazing night=]]

  8. bzzzzzz said:

    i’ve seen both of the movies and valentines day wasn’t very good at all and dear john is definitely more of a date movie

  9. Yanis said:

    Valentines Day, Comedy and Romantic! It will be great!

  10. crystelll said:

    i was going to ask this question too but then you beat me to it! lol i wasnt sure either but from reading this we are going to see dear john. but my bf doesnt mind chick flicks so it up to you

  11. 206 <3 said:

    DEAR JOHN. Def.

  12. Mthehero said:

    i think : dear john

    watch it’s lovely trailer at :


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