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Should the babies of women who want late-term abortions be given a fighting chance?

If someone is in their 3rd trimester and they want to abort their pregnancy, should the baby be delivered and given to someone else?
Why or why not?

What if a women wanted to do this and the premature baby didn’t make it?

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9 Responses to “Should the babies of women who want late-term abortions be given a fighting chance?”

  1. hahahahahahaha said :


  2. Edg1 said :

    Yes. Any chance at life should be given.

  3. Ethel said :

    Nope, it’s not a person until it draws it’s own breath and even then 3rd trimester termination is often only done when the fetus will not survive – it’s a mercy not evil.

  4. Jkgirl said :

    If you don’t want a baby..especially if you are already that far a long. Just go ahead and have the baby and give it to someone else. God starts creating that baby the second it is conceived. The personality, eye color, laugh everything is already determined even before it looks like a little person. It is not our choice to take a life. I understand why some do it and If I did not know better I would probably do the same thing. I don’t look down on those who do. I just hope that I can encourage people to choose another option. That is definitely a living person that will literally be sucked out and ripped to pieces. I don’t think I could handle that even if I was ok with it. Oh and I know some people that have done this and it has bothered them ever since. I grew up in a christian home and got pregnant before I was married, I was scared to death but knew I had to deal with the “consequences” having my daugther turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. She was such a gift even though at the time it was my worst nightmare realizing I was pregnant. Anyways, Good luck to hoever is making this kind of decision. 🙂

  5. Master said :

    I hope that what “Ethel” said is true and that people would only abort in the 3rd trimester if the baby had no chance of survival. I’m pro-choice, but I can’t imagine why someone would abort that far along. I would hope that if it was going to be a healthy baby that they would choose to carry it to term, deliver, and give it up for adoption.

  6. Laura said :

    personally i think abortion is wrong. if you’re willing to “spread your legs” then your taking a risk. having a baby is a blessing and if finacial or other complications come up that you can’t give that baby a good life, then let someone adopt it who can.

  7. Em said :

    Yes, it sould be given a chance. I would like to think some one would not get that far. But my hubby and I are trying to get pregnant. We would love to take care of the child.

  8. dippin. said :

    umm..abortions after 22 weeks=illegal

  9. WickedAngelBrokenWings said :

    um first off, third trimester abortions and second trimester abortions are illegal. the fetus has to be fatally ill or the woman’s life has to be in jeopardy for an abortion to take place. therefore, your question is irrelevant. if a woman doesn’t want the fetus and is beyond the limit of 12-14 weeks, she should be encouraged to choose adoption.


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