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Should i get him a valentines gift? Even though we are fighting?

Would you send your guy a Valentines gift if you were fighting? It is a long distance relationship and he is being really horrible to me at the moment.

I don’t have much money so the $70 or $80 to get a gift hamper sent to him is a big expense to me and i think maybe he would not appreciate it.

Should i just do nothing? I have spent hours and hours looking for the perfect Valentines gift online and he can’t even be bothered to talk to me.

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3 Responses to “Should i get him a valentines gift? Even though we are fighting?”

  1. gduncan35 said:

    if you are really in love with him and you want to work the relationship out then yes you should. i am in a long distance relationship and my girl lives in california and i live in new hampshire. we get along good but we have our moments. so if this relationship is something that you want then all meens you should get him something.. just dont go and spen that much buy him a card and see where it goes

  2. blue_eyes_jolie said:

    If you really care for him then i think he might be offended if you don’t. but don’t think he’ll get you one because if you do and he doesn’t get one then that could make a whole new pool of resentment and anger. just get hm something simple and maybe a card to say that you don’t want to fight anymore and that it is a peace offering. don’t make it seem like you want a gift in return or that you are merely doing it for the holiday. make sure you define how much you love him and what you love about him. And you just need to get something cheap that might remind him of you or a box of chocolates or a pressed flower in a love letter. Valentines day isn’t about the gifts. It is a day for lovers. You can even surprise him with a call or a visit. Any little thing will do. But if he continues to be a jerk after that then honey, he is sooo not worth you.

  3. Little F said:

    My Suggestions:

    Handmade Card
    Valentine Shirt
    Stuffed Animal

    Good Luck


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