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Should I get her a Valentines Gift?

I have known this girl about a month already. We are friends and all. She just got out of a relationship a while back and said she is tired of guys. Obviously i like her. I wat to get her a small gift, but not sure if i should after only a month. I was gonna tell her “All girls deserve a Valentines gift and you’re no exception” Too corny? All advice welcomed. Thanks

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5 Responses to “Should I get her a Valentines Gift?”

  1. Katers said :

    Just get her a little bear and some chocolate like from walgreens. Tell her you didn’t want her to feel bummed out on valentines and everyone deserves to feel special. Even if it is corny she’ll think its thoughtful.

  2. Snickerdoodles said :

    Don’t make up an excuse. Just get her something small, a tiny box(4) of chocolates. One perfect red rose-nothing too overboard and a card. Sign your name to it and no explanation needed unless asked. If she asks say, I like you and wanted you to know not all guys are schmucks. Leave it at that.

  3. jlf1262003 said :

    All girls do not deserve a Valentines gift. But, obviously you think she does. Get her a card and take her out somewhere such as a movie and dinner. She is not tired of guys, she is just tired of the wrong guys.

  4. empen said :

    I think that sounds quite a nice thing to do. As long as what you are getting here isnt too ‘lovey dovey’ and is more ‘friendship’ based. I don’t think you’re line is corny – maybe just the right thing to say in the circumstances.

  5. cwgrlroper said :

    I think you should do it. Good luck, you seem like a sweet guy.


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