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Should I ask him for dinner on Valentines day?

A good friend, know him for three years. Very strong physical attraction b/w us. He is clearly attracted to me but confuses me about his feelings. For example I texted him after meeting him one evening mentioning” Love you so much” to which he replied and mentioned “love you girlS too” referring to me our common friend. I really want to spend my Valentines night with him over dinner even if it means nothing. Should I ask him or should I not ruin our friendship since he would have asked me out if he wanted to.

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15 Responses to “Should I ask him for dinner on Valentines day?”

  1. surferman19 said:

    yes ask himm

  2. F said:

    go for it

    could you help me out by answering the question under my profile please? thanks 🙂

  3. Harvey D said:

    you should ask him out before he goes out with someone else

  4. mnelson11425 said:

    go for it, even if he turns you down you wont regret taking the chance, good luck, I hope you have fun

  5. Anna said:

    ask him 😀

  6. Purity said:

    ask him,but maybe invite other friends as not to make it awkward. 🙂

  7. allistar said:

    go for it i say take the risk if he refuses its his loss

  8. Donna D said:

    I think you should ask! He may be thinking the same thing you are, that if you wanted to go you would mention it.

  9. Anonymous said:

    You’ve already told him that you love him. He probably said he loved you “girls” because he was still uncomfortable saying that he loves YOU, but that doesn’t mean he’s not interested. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

  10. Daniel said:

    ask him you will regret it more if you don’t

  11. <3 said:

    The worst thing he could do is say no. Invite him just as a friend and if things start to get more intimate in the date then go for it. At that point obviously he is completely into you, flirt a little, you have attention. If it was meant to be it will happen, don’t push it. Maybe he just wants to take his own time.

  12. pageant_baby_doll said:

    i think u shouldnt jus wait 4 him 2 ask if he doesnt hes not really into u

  13. Bananadoots said:

    Ask girlie :))

  14. Matt said:

    Ok what you want to do is be his F buddy, act like you’re good with it for a while, and wait for him to start liking you. Believe me, it’s that simple. As for V day, yeah, seduce the hell out of him. Just do it to do it and let him wonder.

  15. Casey said:

    If you know he likes you, go for it!


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