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Seniors, have you ever sent yourself a Valentine, or birthday card, etc?

Every single holiday, I send myself a card… knowing there will be one in the mail for a special day. Also buy myself a small present…which I wrap up!!

Others admitted to doing the same thing at Christmas. Do any of you do it on your birthday, Valentine Day, etc, too?

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12 Responses to “Seniors, have you ever sent yourself a Valentine, or birthday card, etc?”

  1. Spike ( righter of wrongs ) said :

    Mental masturbation?
    But whatever floats your boat is
    fine with me.

  2. LadyB said :

    Not exactly, but I think you’ll enjoy my story!

    On Secretaries Day, the four of us women decided to send ourselves flowers and sign it: “You all do such a great job and I really appreciate everything you do for us!”

    We pretended we didn’t know which of the seven men in our office sent them to us, so we gushed “thank you’s” to all of them and said how good it felt to know that somebody appreciated us.

    We never admitted what really happened. However, about a month later, one of the young men in our office came to us when the other men weren’t there, and “admitted” that he was really the one who sent us the flowers!

    What a jerk!

  3. Cathy said :

    OMG! Lady B’s story is PRICELESS!

    Thank you for sharing that – and yes, what a jerk!

    Back to the original question – I buy myself a Christmas and then a Birthday gift every year. I tell my kids not to spend their money because I give myself the best gifts!

    Good luck.

  4. Sgtpreston said :

    No, no, no. Never, never, never.

  5. Kay said :

    No, but I’ve bought myself some pretty nice gifts. Does that count?

  6. the bellepepper said :

    I always buy myself a birthday gift and a Christmas gift. It is from me to me in appreciation for being me for another year. I get such lovely things and it’s always just what I wanted! But I don’t send cards…no I hadn’t thought of doing that…maybe this year!
    I love Lady B’s office story!

  7. snowriver said :


  8. mr grean jeans the ONE and ONLY said :

    no but i thought of buying myself some chocolate today at the store i love holiday candy

  9. Suzie s said :

    So far the answer is no, but you have given me an Idea.

  10. Stella said :

    I do buy myself something nice at Christmas, but not on other occasions. Once though, when my first marriage was in its worst stages, I sent myself a bouquet of flowers “from a secret admirer” on Valentine’s Day. Thought (naively) that he would notice…feel jealous….wonder who sent them. I needn’t have bothered – there is no-one less interested in these things, than a philandering husband.

  11. Ret. Sgt. said :

    I never bought myself a card since I am too cheap for that. However, I have been known to save up for something I want for hunting or the workbench etc., then order it. The anticipation of waiting for UPS is something akin to waiting for Christmas but just on a smaller scale.

    It’s just like a surprise gift…until you get the bill.

  12. Uncle Zud said :



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