******** Resolutions *********?

Why do people wait till New Years to make changes/resolutions? they obviously knew they needed to change something before the new year? why wait?

do you have one, what is it?
great resolutions everyone… good luck with them all. 🙂
my resolutions:
1. quit smoking
2. stop swearing
3. be more patient

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8 Responses to “******** Resolutions *********?”

  1. cathy said:

    i agree with what u said… anyway below are my resolutions for 2009…

    1) get my driving license
    2) lose weight
    3) secure a good job
    4) be a better person in every way possible..

    Have a great year ahead…

  2. chocoholic_gerbil said:

    because it gives a clear startign point and they don’t say i’ll start tomorrow! most people make a resulution, and its a “normal” time to change ur life! mine are to
    1) eat healthily
    2) get another boyfriend
    3) b more organised

    i make the same ones every year but i never seem 2 keepem! i will this year i’m serious. well i will b once i’ve finished that selection box!

  3. my boxers smarter than yours said:

    eat no chocolate or sweets

  4. crazycow said:

    have lots-
    1)keep being hardworking at work
    2)keep enjoying work
    3)lose weight
    4)maintain the weightloss
    5)cut down on cigerettes( not going to say quit cause i know that won’t happen!)
    6)find a nice guy….

  5. bug3389 said:

    1 – be more organsised
    2- forget out him and what he did to me
    3 – find someone special
    4 – stop hoping he will ever love me
    Happy new year everyone x

  6. sexyhotmama6969 said:

    I have not made any
    like you said why wait for the new year to change stuff
    real reason is i never can stick to them so why bother
    dont you think???

  7. gabrielle said:

    It’s because people don’t think enough ahead of time about what they want to accomplish in their lives…they just don’t ever think about the “big picture”, so they wander aimlessly through life until New Year’s, where they scramble to make resolutions. Then when the novelty wears off they just forget about them. Mine are:

    -Lose twenty pounds
    -Read a book every week
    -Save for the future
    -Start writing in a blog

    Do you have any?

  8. x_babyguh said:

    – Loosing 3 pounds [ I wanna be 120 ]
    – Passing all my college exams.
    – Getting a new job
    – Getting my crush’s number 🙂
    – Be more outgoing


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