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POLL: Will you be going on a Valentines date…?

Who? Chocolate OR Flowers?

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10 Responses to “POLL: Will you be going on a Valentines date…?”

  1. my backup account said:


  2. ohGr said:

    no… booze.

  3. Lady Sassafrass said:

    Yep! I’m kinda nervous cause I haven’t gone on a “date” in YEARS!

  4. ♀ Gσтнι¢ яσмαи¢є ♀ said:

    * No , I will be at home while my bf is at work … While he is at work I will be cussing the ” happy couples ” who are out having ” fun ” *

    What bout you ??

  5. Horripila Horrisono said:

    I don’t… I’ll be alone as usual that day…

    Anyway, they use it to sell useless things like mugs, heart shaped boxes, balloons, that you don’t know where to put…

  6. Belles A Hippie said:

    lol not exactly. I have a horse show on valentines day, so my boyfriend wil be at the stables watching me compete. (not exactly romantic) We may get dinner afterwards but probably just go grab a beer with some friends.
    hmm i told mine to buy me a red velvet cake this year, but im not a real chocolate fan and flowers would be appropriate for a horse show

  7. Miror§aw said:

    Im a single rose and candle lit dinner kind of gal.

  8. Prof.Multifarious Nefas. PhD said:

    Not this year. oops or last year. I will go out with my beer.

  9. Miss Feasance said:

    Apparently that would be a big NO.

  10. DOCJR said:

    O ya of course, like 10 of them.. haha just kidding.

    Nope i wont be. Ill take some chocolate.


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