outfit for valentines date?

I need a outfit for a valentines double date. I’ve been going out with his for 6 and half months off and on. The other couple I have never meant and there his friends. I have brown hair that’s naturally very curly and frizzy. Im about 5 foot 5 and ill wear any color. Im going to have my hair curly and have a cat eyes or simple simple like that for make up. But im completely lost for what to wear. Any suggestion? Pictures will be helpful..J thanks

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  1. brittany w said:

    something pink

  2. Love said:

    If its a pretty formal date then u could wear this dress :

    If its just a casual date then u could wear this :
    its a sweater and u can wear a cute button shirt under it ands jeans or nice pants and some heels

    good luck~~

  3. Angel said:

    If it’s a double date, don’t do too classy. I’d go for the casual chic look.
    Cute pink shirt inside, with a light white sweater that kinda flows off. For pants, you can wear a light washed skinny jean, or a legging. With shoes, match the sweater with simple white pumps.



  4. TRANZFIX said:

    it has to be red. a gorgeous red dress with your brown hair would look stunning and some kissable red lipstick to go with it. You don’t say if you are fat or thin or of medium build so I will assume you are medium build. Try something like the styles here and you will be a knock out http://www.asos.com/search/pgeSearch.aspx?q=red%20dress&r=2 nice black strappy sandals and evening clutch bag would look stunning.

  5. Lindsay said:

    It depends on where you’re going and how formal it is. If you’re going to a dinner then pink a dress (avoid pink or red, it’s a little cliche and there’s a big chance the other girl will be wearing the same color). A purple would be pretty, it stays within valentines without being too ‘obvious’ you’re trying to wear it for the holiday. Or a white dress would work too. Add to the valentine’s theme with accessories, like little heart dangly earrings or pink/red studs.
    If it’s a more casual date than you can do jeans with an embellished top (beading, sequins, crystals, something dressy) and then add flats. Or you can do a skirt with a little top tucked in, a great jacket (leather or a cardigan or something because it’s still cold). Pair them with some tights or wedges, or flats 🙂
    Hope I could help. And have fun!


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