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OK im in the seventh grade and my boyfriend is way different than me?

okay i just started to go out with this really hot guy in my class, he asked me out. He doesnt think im green and im not, but he REALLY ISNT like hes made out with so many girls its scary, and now wer goin out i know that he’ll like wanna make out but i donk know how, ive never done that b4, and i dont really want to! HELP

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5 Responses to “OK im in the seventh grade and my boyfriend is way different than me?”

  1. SmartPerson(me) said:

    Hahahaha pendeja.

  2. rriders35 said:

    chill, it will come to you naturally

  3. dswann62 said:

    u just shy. Kissing is fun

  4. amjad e said:

    then tell him to hold up because if your not comfortable with it you should just tell him. if your not ready so soon just tell him. i mean a relationship is for both peoples in the relation ship benefits. if you make out with him and you dont want too then well you’re not really geting anything you want from the relationship yet. and just chill until ur ready cause you will no when you are.

  5. coach said:

    Lolo, give time – time. If u really don’t want 2 don’t. If u do wen u don’t want to then u’r just makin urself avilable 2 b used which if the guy cares bout ur feelin’s at all he wldn’t want 2 do so u need 2 let him know. If he’s had grls cm easy 2 him maybe he’d appreciate sm1 special that mayb just wants 2 ease in2 it as u get 2 know each othr btr. U cld b smthn specl 2 each othr. What comes easy is usually not valued as much. Be that rare jewell that will be treasured:) good luck to you!


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