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No date for Valentines Day?

Anyone not have a date for Valentines? What are you going to do instead? Do you want a date or are you satisfied without one?
I’m just curious…I appreciate any concern you may have, but I’ll be okay. Unless you’re looking, then hit me up ;)…no but really, I’m just curious.

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20 Responses to “No date for Valentines Day?”

  1. moneyk said:

    wat kind of question

  2. AtlLoVIn'09 said:

    Im satisfied without a date, I never really have one…But me and all my friends are going to hang out. So Im good.

  3. Ah! I have been enlightened! said:

    I totally forgot about Valentines Day. I don’t have a date. It makes no difference to me. Just another day

  4. Tomasz C said:

    It will be just like any other day…

  5. Michy ♥ said:

    just do something nice for yourself, or find a girl thats your friend and spend it with he idk

  6. a b said:

    i dont have a date and im perfectly fine without
    and as of yet i have no idea what im going to do on that day either
    but ill figure something out
    i dont need a man to be happy
    and you shouldn’t need one (man/woman) either

  7. deidara-kun said:

    i don’t have 1. its not something u need really. i’m just going out ice skating w/ my friends. i figure that if u have your friends w/ u, then why should you need a date?

  8. Jane said:

    I have one, but we’re having a non-conformist valentine’s. The hubby and I are a bit odd.

  9. carrie said:

    I do not have a date and i am just fine with that. I am not a big fan of V day anyways..even when i did have a date. I am going to my fathers house and am going to make him tacos and shot the bull.

  10. Angie said:

    to me, saturday, february 14th is just…

  11. nessa89 said:

    I don’t have a date either….I’m a loser =(


  12. Sweetpea11 said:

    What me and my friends do is it doesn’t really matter if you have a date we all just go out and party lolz its pretty intense!

  13. Mikeman said:

    I want to help you but I honestly can’t tell if you are trying to find someone to go out with or if you are curious.

  14. Mily is me name said:

    I wish I did…
    but I’m so glad it’s on a saturday! it would be very ocward for me.

  15. ~xNatx~ said:

    I don’t have a date for Valentines Day instead I’m going to do the things I love to do for example I’m going to go shopping and get my nails done. Yes, I am kinda satisfied without one I’m 17 and I don’t really have a problem with being single right now the time will come when I get a boyfriend I’m not in such a rush.

  16. Jen said:

    I’m not going to mob around all day and of corse I would want to spend it with someone.

  17. NGU said:

    I don’t have one.
    Learning to let go. Pain
    Try not to fall in love too early again.

  18. johnnnyappleseed said:

    It is the narrow minded expectation that you have to be happy during the Holidays…be in Love during Valentines day…this torment upon us is nothing more than to sell candies, flowers & cards to keep those in business…if you really want to be someone “valentines” go buy a dozen roses, and give them to all the old ladies that hasnt received one in 50 years…

  19. CC* said:

    Well I have a boyfriend, but I’m not big on valentine’s day, so its just going to be a regular saturday for us.

  20. Doug K said:

    Nope i dont have a v date bro. Ever since I left high school I havent really been with any one because its to easy to get screwed over. That and I am never in the same spot for more then two months with my job so its to hard to actually be with some one. Im satisfied with my self but some times when im just sitting around i do think about it and get in a bum mood but my job keeps my alive i am in the USAF special operations team and u.s. special forces and it makes me feel like im somethin so it dont bother me


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