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Nice Valentines Day Gift for a Non girlfriend friend?

I have a friend and I want to surprise her with something nice for valentines day. What would be a good gift for a girl (she’s 16) without being over the top? I want to put it on her doorstep anonymously.

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12 Responses to “Nice Valentines Day Gift for a Non girlfriend friend?”

  1. Victoria said :

    a dildo. (Y)

  2. *Dazed and Confused * said :

    hmmm a card or some chocolates but don’t make it way over the top or else she’ll think that you like her as more than a friend.

  3. irock said :

    an edible bouquet. Preferably chocolate!!

  4. Sarah said :

    that’s cute…roses?

  5. RickDee said :

    How about a “MIX” cassette tape!

  6. curious me said :

    Flowers with a card signed “Secret Admirer” or “Guess Who”.

  7. Meagan. said :

    You should get her roses!
    That shows that you really care for her.
    I would love that!
    P.S. Just wanted to let you know your question is my first ansewr on my new account, haha 🙂

  8. Elaiyna said :

    You could make her a card saying how awesome its been knowing her or some chocolate in a heart shaped box duh lol or get her the card and maybe an itunes card something simple but cute like a bracelet

  9. shakira <3 said :

    a necklace!!!!!!! with roses and a card! this way you could see her wear what you bought her!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MJLovely said :

    How bout a teddy bear?

  11. ღmαηdєяร said :

    one really pretty rose or flower would be lovely and make her day. Maybe even add a sweet aonymous note.

  12. Peabee said :

    A Valentine helium balloon and a little teddy bear.
    A message in a bottle with a red ribbon tied around it.
    A little basket with gum, small candy, candle.


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