My Valentines Day Idea for her?

ok so I have an idea for Valentines day and it is

Shes a big fan of the movie “The Notebook”
so i thoght i’d go buy her the Special Edditon of the Dvd (she doesnt own it yet) and we’d head back to her house (nothing sexual at all) i’d then give her a card and a rose and we’d watch the movie together

is that good?

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6 Responses to “My Valentines Day Idea for her?”

  1. thats a stupid question. said:

    awww how nice.
    that would be perfect.

    i wish i could spend v-day with my boyfriend.
    he’s gonna be in afghanistan.

  2. DMB.girl said:

    Awwww perfect, not too tacky but really sweet!

  3. Stephanie S said:

    Very cute. Bring Popcorn or something. Maybe her favorite candy.

  4. Moonfrye said:

    For any girl who loves that movie that would be the key to her heart.

    That’s my favorite love story!!!

  5. Kristen Brooke said:

    Well me personally i would prefer like flowers or any homemade stuff like a picture frame with a pic of my bf and me that would be good for me. but i don’t know your gf so idk but just listen to your heart and do what you want.

  6. [email protected] said:

    Thats pretty good*! but dont buy the card make one *! Make it out of a poster board*!

    *Good Luck*


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