My valentines date sucked, right?

( Ive known him for 15 years) My valentines date was drunk from the time he picked me up to the end of the date. ( the end was nice though). We went to a concert and he embarrassed the **** out of me. He was talking loud, leaving alot to go pee and get more beer from the concession stand, spit out on the floor, threw his nachos and junk on the floor he was even going to try and smoke asking everybody around for a light.He yelled at me for telling him we should have stayed home. Then he went into a dead sleep with his leg so far out, people could hardly walk by and I couldn’t get him to even wink . I turned his head to lay on my shoulder. The girl next to me, who’s cell phone I used to call my date after he had been gone for a half hour said ” Girl, let him sleep. I feel so bad for you”. I tried my best to hold back tears as I listened to the band and looked around at all of the couples enjoying their selves. It took a while to wake him up after the concert. While in the car I confronted him about it, and he denied being drunk or asleep. He got real defensive and said that he took me to the concert to put a smile on my face and how could I say that he was an embarrassment……………… I should be angry, right?

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11 Responses to “My valentines date sucked, right?”

  1. Mika said:

    you have every right.

  2. Jack Schitt said:

    My valentines date sucked…my dick!

  3. Ethan said:

    it sucks

  4. Missy said:

    Personally, I would be angry!!
    You have to talk about this to him. Otherwise it will be bottled up inside and unresolved.
    good luck

  5. Poppet said:

    Why are you still with this idiot? And why did you get into a car with him driving knowing he had been drinking?

  6. Andy said:

    Yes, you have every right to be angry. That’s simply unacceptable behavior, and you deserve better.

  7. xanzibar said:

    That really sucks. I’m sorry!

  8. totallyawesomefunk said:


  9. libbyrose1995 said:

    wow what a douche. i’m sorry honey. dump him and find a true man that will treat you with respect and will have the decency to not be drunk and embarrass you when you go on a date.

  10. James said:

    First off, I’m sooo sorry that this had to happen to you 🙁 Yes!!!-you have every right to be angry about this. In my opinion he can’t handle drinking because he obviously waaaay abused it. Now, the only thing that I think you did wrong (but you probably had to, to vent I’m guessing) is bring it up with him in the car at the end of the date. Not because you were wrong-but because he was probably still drunk to some extent and trying to rationalize with a drunk person isn’t worth the effort! Maybe bring it up to him again. If this is a recurring issue then I honestly think that you need to reconsider what kind of relationship you plan to have with this guy, whether it’s romantic or purely platonic. You have a choice!!!!! I hope that it works out for you 🙂

  11. Derio said:

    No dont be angry please.when you get angry,unessesary fights break out,plus things happen ya know….he most likely didnt mean to do all of those things…well i hope i helped n_n


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