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My boyfriend doesn’t want to be with me for Valentines.?

So, we’ve been together 4 months on Valentines day and my boyfriend came to me yesterday to say we shouldn’t “do” Valentines gifts.
I thought fair enough, but last night he text me to say he couldn’t be with me on Valentines night because he’s going out with his mate.
I didn’t understand how he couldn’t afford a card and a small gift, yet he can afford to go out with his friend (who I really dislike and don’t trust)
He then didn’t understand why I’ve been quiet and subdued all day.
Any ideas why he’s being this way?

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7 Responses to “My boyfriend doesn’t want to be with me for Valentines.?”

  1. Tom S said:

    He’s giving you the shaft. Any male that wants to spend Valentines with his “male” mate has serious issues. Dump the guy. Upgrade to a better model.

  2. Mona said:

    well there can be several seasons . lets us be positive at first . we can assume that he might be busy in some personal work that he is not interested in to share with you.or might wants to give u a kind of surprise. (might be extra romantic) second side of the coin is this that he wants to break up with you . v-day is very Special occasion how he can ignore you . you should not associate much expectations to just 4 month relation.

  3. Dan said:

    Ask him the same thing u asked us. Communication is key… Sounds like he is giving u the shaft tho.. don’t be needy just let em do his thing and pretend u don’t care.

  4. Ellie said:

    firstly if he isnt covering up and isnt actually planning on surprizing you then hes an absolute jerk!

    secondly if he can’t understand why you would be bothered by him choosing to see his friend then he’s dumb too.

    make him realise your not upset that he isn’t spoiling you but by the fact he wants to see his friend when he has a wonderful gf to spend it with!! and acting like he would if he was single!

    fair enough some guys arent into valentines day soppiness but if he loved you he would make the day special because you care and at least see you!

    finally don’t sulk, tell him straight how you feel and that every other person including guys would think his behaviour is unreasonable as he is supposed to be in a relationship!!

    ask him also why he wants to hang out with his friend (when he can see him anytime) on that specific day? cus that is extremly spiteful.

    if he can give you no good explanation i.e his friend is dying, moving abroad- dump the bastard cus he obv doesn’t love you at all to be that cruel.

    good luck and believe you can do better cus you can. any guy in love would want to make you feel the happiest girl alive.xx

  5. Myrtle8 said:

    It is possible that he is planning a surprise, but that may not be the case. If he doesn’t normally do things like this then maybe you could hope for that. Give him a chance and wait to see what happens on the actual day. If he does this on a regular basis and Valentines day ends up being the same old thing then dump him. Especially if you don’t trust his friend and he won’t give you any reasons for his decisions. He’s not worth it if he is going to treat you like that. Valentines day should be a happy, special time. Even though a lot of guys aren’t really into it, they should at least care enough to make their girlfriends happy.

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