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My bf is takeing me out on a valentines date…..?

my Boyfriend is wanting to take me out to olive garden for valentines day, and now we are trying to think of other stuff to do as well. Its a school night so my parents are going to want me home by proly 10pm. so what stuff can you guys think of? we are both 17

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2 Responses to “My bf is takeing me out on a valentines date…..?”

  1. kid said :

    Ice skating or smoke some pot with him.
    Its a great feeling to smoke with someone you love
    (i think)

  2. JESUS said :

    awwwwww!!!!!! so cute!!! ok, here are some places u mite want to go to together 🙂

    roller-skating or ice-skating
    going to the movies 🙂
    maybe go to a party or club (not the “bad” clubs but the fun ones)
    probably going to a romantic park or botanical garden at night when there are lights <3
    if there is, u can go to a fair or carnival (if they have one)
    hang out in his car 🙂 (if ur "that" type)
    lets see......probably go 2 his house for a little while (if his parents arnt home, of course!)
    walk along a beach shore if u live near them, but if u dont take a walk in the city, with all the lights n stff!
    well, thats the best i can do, hope iT Helped

    and btw, be creative. u dont always have to do the traditional things for valentines day 🙂


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