making out? help (mosstly guys)?

whenever i bite his lip, he pulls me closer. usually this is when his hands are on my hips, or in my pockets, etc.. does he want me to feel somethiing? or just doesnt want me to move away? my friend said maybe he just likes the feeling of being close to me.. im not sure. when ever we make out he stops for no reason.. am i doing something wrong? i’ve read other answers and i don’t think we’re ready for me to “rub his crotch” valentines night we dry humped. but that was only once since then. maybe its just me? help! any advice is greatt..

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7 Responses to “making out? help (mosstly guys)?”

  1. fatguy845 said:

    lol…. dry humped

  2. big sexy said:

    It sounds like he wants to rub up against you but he is trying not to lose his self control and go too far. Just ask him.

  3. XxXaznloveXx said:

    Naw i don’t think its you
    Cuz if it was he wouldnt dumped you
    Maybe he feels like hes just moving to fast ?
    But really you should ask him about this
    And have a little talk about it
    Together as a couple

  4. Caz Troy said:

    sounds like when it gets hot and heavy he pulls away, if it was me id say he thinks ur not ready for sex, talk it over with him

  5. staples said:

    just tell him wat u think…he should be cool talking about it

  6. KALii4NiA&&HEARTSz said:

    No, you’re not doing anything wrong. He’s probably holding onto you so you won’t get away. Yeah, I agree with your friend. My boyfriend likes the feeling of me being close up to him. Don’t worry about it. Just play along and have fun! I would say he’s a real boyfriend to you.

  7. airballd said:

    Most guys like the feeling of being close to a girl… As for why he stops when you’re making out, it probably means he thinks its going too fast, and doesn’t want it to lead to something you’ll both regret later In life. Next time it happens, just straight out ask him about it. If hes a good guy, he’ll give you the honest answer.


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