Ladies: I have decided what to get for Valentines Day, good idea ?

Even though I have only known this woman for about 4 weeks, I have decided to buy some sexy thongs for her to wear. Based on what we have talked, I don’t think she will take it the wrong way. In fact, I think she might even like them.
I am getting her 4 pairs of sexy, skimpy thongs….! I bought them in four different colors. Thoughts ?
Anybody know where I can buy the edible type ?

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19 Responses to “Ladies: I have decided what to get for Valentines Day, good idea ?”

  1. Queen of Beer said:

    That is a terrible idea.

  2. Anna said:

    Im guessing you guys have been intimate since you have known her? If not it might come across a little creepy…

  3. Suga Mama said:

    about 4 weeks and you think you will get to see her model them?
    Thoughts – she will flaunt them to the guy she has known for at least 3 months

  4. tia828 said:

    Great idea, for yourself!!! You also need to get her more then just thongs..put a little thought into it & be creative…I know you have only known her for a month so nothing too extreme, maybe some flowers as well. She will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the flowers & might even put on the thongs for a show!

  5. Just Alice said:

    LMAO make sure you get the right size this time and if you can’t get edible, crotchless will be suffice….xxx.

  6. juno said:

    get her the thongs and send pictures next time in answers so we could rate them =)

  7. Common sense isn't anymore.. said:

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

  8. Brittany said:

    spencer’s sells edible thongs .
    otherwise any sex merch store .
    buttttt i wouldnt buy them for her if you’ve only known her a month .
    whether or not, how you’ve talked buying her underwear MAY send
    the wrong message, i.e you dont think she wears clean ones . lmao .
    i wouldnt do it . a month ? stick to chocolates and flowers ..

  9. Kelsey S said:

    It’s trashy if you just met her. Do something less shallow.

  10. Missy said:

    Wow after only 4 weeks that is just sex no love and I wouldn’t think it was thoughtful at all. A card, teddy bear and dinner on the town would be nice for a month of dating. Underwear? Seriously?

  11. Rowdy said:

    Bad idea. Sh!tcan this one and fast! You want to buy her undies,fine. But go get the whole outfit. A matching camisole and thong will go over much better. Leave it up to her if she wants to give you a thong only fashion show. Any X-rated store will have the edible kind. But I’d wait on that one too.

  12. S. Lexi Kardashian-Squirrel said:

    As much as I need help with my squirrel fetish YOU need help know a few things about snagging a woman…Aint no woman wants any sticky edible undies up her azz—-them things are for teenagers..

  13. Paradisio said:

    Fabulous idea. You set the tone for getting laid on Valentine’s day and she’s game!

    If I were you, I’d put it in a gift basket along with flavored lubes and oils. Box of chocolate. Bottle of champagne…!! and a small digital camera with video capabilities.

    I wish a guy would give me a gift like that for Valentines day instead of some gay-mo rose and a dinner at Red Lobster.

    Have fun!

  14. Kelly said:

    Thongs are ok.. especially if you have had that conversation.. But I would also get her something nice.. Then save the naughty gift for later like under your pillow..

  15. Missy said:

    your gonna get duuuuuuumped hahahaha

  16. SpicyStuff86 said:

    If there is a joke behind this gift and she takes it the right way then it might be a good “joke” gift, but do not let her open them in front of people in case she gets embarrassed, and as well make sure that you have a back up gift to go along with this, something simple since it is a new relationship

  17. TRIXIE T3 said:

    fashion a pair or 4 out of an extra Hefty Lawn and Leaf bag..

    *a new bag, not a used one.

  18. Tea For Two said:

    Well, that would clearly send the message about what you want. If she’s got a brain at all, she already can correctly guess that. On the bright side, you haven’t lied to her about your self-seeking and arrogant POV.

  19. That Girl (cue corny theme music) said:

    Lol. ‘Thongs’ where i come from (Australia) are flip flop sandals. I have no idea why we call them that though. I love the idea of sexy flip flops. 🙂


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