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Ladies and Gents: What is the most creative/unique Valentines day gift you’ve ever recieved?

I’m talking something that takes a little more effort than gas station roses, a gigantic teddy bear, chocolates and trashy lingere. Does anyone think outside of the box when it comes to valentines day? homemade gifts are nice. And if you could list the gift that you gave. Guys I would love to your input also. 10 pts to the most creative answer!
Tabitha that’s cute! wat did he give you?

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3 Responses to “Ladies and Gents: What is the most creative/unique Valentines day gift you’ve ever recieved?”

  1. Tabitha said :

    well i GAVE my boyfriend a decorated jar with 101 things i love about him, and he lovvved it 🙂
    and then i got a basket and filled it with cookies and
    nerds (because he’s such a nerd)
    and lifesavers, because he saves me from my bad days 😉
    and I also made this book with pictures and tied it with ribbon.

  2. lovestruck said :

    In terms of receiving:
    My boyfriend did the cheesy roses thing, but he had them delivered to the middle school at which I teach, so all of my 7th graders couldn’t stop asking about them and him all day.
    Last year, he got me a build-a-bear carcass, I guess you could say, and we went to the store to stuff it together for our date.

    In terms of giving:
    I made him a fleece blanket (where you fringe the edges and tie it together) using his two favorite colors, then hand-stitched a heart in the opposite color in the corner.
    Last year, I got wooden picture frames and letters from Micheal’s, painted them red, and put phrases like our anniversary or “give me a kiss” on them in little wooden letters, then put pictures of us inside.

  3. Jenny K said :

    we went to NY for the weekend. on valentine’s day i woke up to a breakfast of mimosas, croissants and roses. then went to the movies in times square (51st dates), later we had dinner at tavern on the green, then took a carriage ride around central park, followed by a visit to the top of the empire state building! where he proposed!!!


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