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Is Valentine’s Day a big scam to make money for the flower, card, jewelry and candy industries?

WHY is it important that you show your “love” on February 14? Why do women place such significance on the day? If I love you, I’m showing it all year round. And don’t women use the day to compare? I bet that a dozen roses delivered at home has only a fraction of the impact of a dozen roses delivered to the office where everyone can see them.

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7 Responses to “Is Valentine’s Day a big scam to make money for the flower, card, jewelry and candy industries?”

  1. Hello you! said :

    Of course it’s a scam 🙂 Those son-uvva-biotches in the market business just want money. It’s what they do.

    I agree; if someone loves you, why not show it equally all year round?

  2. ♥STREAKER♥©℗† said :

    Yes, it’s the business industry that conveys the message if you aren’t in a relationship, your sh**. I have never cared for this holiday and don’t believe in it. If you really love someone, you would show them all year long, not on just one day of the year.

  3. The Fundiment. said :



    valentines day ISN’T about giving =3

    it’s about Showing love!!!

    you don’t have to give flowers =P

    you just do something to show them how much you love her/him!


    it’s about the romance ^-^

    not the giving.

    i bet
    on valentines day if you gave everything to him/her

    and didn’t show love.

    i’m sure they’d be like : =[


    you get the gisttt XD

  4. skye said :

    Lol, sounds like you either been with the worng women or are just a little bitter about having a given day on which u have to show ur love.
    I agree that when u love osmeone u show it all year round but its not about that. Its the day where we get reminded that a little extra TLC can never hurt.
    And no a dozen roses is a dozen roses, no matter where she gets them.
    And you know it doesnt have to be jewellery or a dozen. Just a nice gesture is enough. As long as it shows how much u truly love her.
    But yeah the card , jewellery, flowers and so on industries certainly make a lot of money with it. But thats their business you know.
    Valentines day has been around forever, The industrie is just a modern day side effect…lol
    And is this day soo important to women?? cuz we’re hopeles romantics and this day gives us the illusion that every guy could that be a prince. And which woman doesnt want that?

  5. T said :

    You are correct, sir.
    It’s nothing but a rip off, probably conceived by Hallmark and FTD.
    What an insignificant day in the grand scheme of things, unless of course you are a male and forget to observe all the little rituals involved.

  6. John M said :

    I agree with The Fundiment – Valentine’s Day is about LOVE. And it’s like TV – if you don’t like it, don’t participate. Here’s a suggestion:
    Give a card, expressing how you feel, and add this: “I donated x-number of dollars to the homeless/Goodwill/a favorite charity instead of giving you a material gift. I believe I show how much I care for you by doing my little bit to care for humanity.” Please give it a try.

  7. CB said :

    It is important because some people like to feel loved & use this day to be extra expressive with their feelings. It isn’t always about being showy with things like flowers. Maybe something simple, like a piece of jewelry.

    And, I think that Valentine’s Day is a great day to buy everyone gifts, like your daughters, or friends.


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