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Is it weird to go on a valentines day date with yourself?

I am a single 20 year old girl and loving it. I don’t understand why people always tell me that they’re so lonely and are in a hurry to be in a relationship. They say that valentines day makes them feel even lonelier because they’re single. I figured I might as well go on a date with myself (just do something fun by myself and learn more about myself; I am very insecure and shy, so I suppose I need to work things out). Is that weird?
Lol I didn’t mean to say “date”. I just meant havign a fun day out on your own and just doing something you love to do, and discover more about yourself :p

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11 Responses to “Is it weird to go on a valentines day date with yourself?”

  1. Dudley said:

    Not at all! That’s a good idea acctually!

  2. Andrea Edwards said:


  3. M.A. said:

    It’s not weird to go do something by yourself, but it is a little weird to call it a date…

  4. Clayton Black said:

    no, as long as you dont talk to yourself 🙂

  5. Sam Rail said:

    if its dinner and a movie yeah
    if its a dance club no

  6. Alice said:

    It’s a great idea.

  7. Jayde Thompson said:

    well if u put it like “im going on a date with myself” its weird. but if u just consider it as alone time to figure things out and find out who u are its completely normal! infact doing this will help u build self confidence and all that good stuff! guys love girls who r confident whichh will lead to guys lining up to date u and first u have to love yourself and except yourself before u love and except someone else!
    get your nails done or go on a shopping spree!

  8. Gloria said:

    NO! girl u just inspired me! its not weird at all! your right that people are always lonely on valentines day cause they’re single but why not go treat yourself and have a little bit of fun?:) this valentines day im going on a date with myself:) lol thanks and noway jose its not weird i think its a great idea

  9. elizacooper1993 said:

    no sounds great. Personally i have a friend who’s boyfriend is working valentines and another friend who’s just broken up with her boyfriend. So they’re both mental about being alone. I like not being in a relationship but they’ve forced me to come out with them. there’s no way of getting out of it. I’d be having fun alone and not thinking of valentines if I could help it. it’s so much more fun.

    it may be fun to hang around with friends, but if i could I’d be having fun alone instead. have fun! celebrate being single! it’s just another way to enjoy yourself.

  10. Beckyy said:

    hahah, im sorry but when i read “just do something fun by myself and learn more about myself;” it made me giggle :’) i have a dirty mind lmao

    anyway, no its not weird. thats actually quite a good idea haha.

  11. Angel Johnston said:

    Hi jose I don’t think so, actually it might be a pretty good idea. but check my sources you might be surprised


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