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Is it okay to get a valentine day card for?

Is it okay to get a valentine day card for a friend?

I really like her but she lives out of state. We talk sometimes and i think she likes me too, but the distances makes it nearly impossible for us to be in a relationship.

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6 Responses to “Is it okay to get a valentine day card for?”

  1. Sarah said:

    Yes, that would be a nice gift. You could also put a flower inside the card, to make it more special.


    Go for it, dude! Good luck!

  3. peculiarpup said:

    Sure — Valentine’s Day (or birthday, or Groundhog’s Day…) cards can be a friendly gesture. You talk “sometimes” so you really don’t know her well. It’s waaaay too early for “I love you” cards. You want to get to know her better, so a gently funny (no bodily functions, no sexy) or neutral (beautiful scenes, etc.) card is fine – you’re wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day, not proposing (or propositioning). Wishing anyone a happy anything is okay, if it’s sincere.

    Write something not-sexy, not-romantic in the card. Personal if you know anything appropriate (“I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and a great weekend — and I hope I get to see you again soon. I still think about the time we spent talking when I saw you at the football game.”).

    The best way to get to know someone is to communicate – talk, email, write – so sure, go ahead!

  4. Claire said:
  5. Nina May said:

    Funky Pigeon cards have a huge range of personalised cards. They print and post the same working day without an area postcode so it’s completely anonymous and a real mystery!

    Search Google for discount codes there’s always something that’s valid.

  6. Bastian said:

    get some ideas here


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