Is it innapropriate to log onto the computer while the kids are napping?

My mother-in-law seems to think I should not have a life of my own outside of being a mother and is absolutely appalled that I was able to check and respond to an email she sent during the children’s naptime.

Am I wrong?

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22 Responses to “Is it innapropriate to log onto the computer while the kids are napping?”

  1. Baby #1 said:

    No, you are not wrong. Mothers have to use their time wisely, so during naptime you have to do things you need or just want to do while you can without being interrupted.

  2. Samantha said:

    no, we parents need downtime also. Heck I am on her when the kids are awake

  3. Holly B said:

    Wow, I hope your MIL isn’t always that annoying and opinionated. If your kids are napping, you are entitled to do whatever you want with your time. You are not wrong.

  4. Jules2u said:

    Ugh! She sounds like a royal pain. Ignore her. You need some time for yourself and there is not a thing wrong with taking a break during naptime. I’m doing the very same thing as I type this answer and my four year old is asleep! πŸ™‚

  5. Katie said:

    haha, no, you are not wrong. Why is she sending you e-mails if she thinks you shouldn’t look at them? Thats ridiculous.
    I think it is fine to look at your email when you kid is asleep or awake, as long as you aren’t spending too long on there.

  6. Amanda C said:

    Absolutely not! What does she want you to do, sit and stare at them while they’re sleeping??A mothers job is never done, so if you can squeeze in a few minutes to check email, or just relax by all means go for it!

  7. Autumn said:

    Does she want you to sit and stare at them while they are sleeping to make sure they don’t randomly stop breathing?

    Naptime was invented so that mothers could have some time to do things that they need to do. So were motorized swings, bouncy seats, and Exasaucers. As long as you spend plenty of time each day interacting with your children, playing with them, and teaching them; and you give them something to do while you’re busy and not just ignoring them, there’s no shame in taking an hour to do all the things you need to do as a mother, which i’m sure are numerous.

  8. momof4 said:

    Of course not. [And of course those of us who are here answering while our kids are napping or otherwise engaged are hardly going to take her side, lol.]

    It is the job of mothers-in-law to test our patience and tempers. πŸ˜‰ Try to take it as a sign of her endless love for your child that she thinks someone should be hovering over them even as they sleep. Enjoy your computer time.

  9. bluegoat114 said:

    No. I am assuming you did not leave the children alone in your home (i.e. run to the local libarary).

  10. danna n said:

    moms have to have breaks to if your kids are sleeping do what you want if there awake and you wanna get on than do so. I think you know the difference in being a good mom from a bad mom. tell her to go take a hike.

  11. Ultraviolet30 said:

    This question is so loaded that I can’t believe its unbiased.

  12. There she is!!! said:

    no, God made little kids need naps during the day so that we mothers could touch back with our sanity before tackling the rest of the day when husband gets home. Your mother in law needs to mind her manners.

  13. lilylady20 said:

    If you can’t take care of yourself at all, you’re going to end up being a very bad mommy indeed. Mommies need to take care of themselves, and if that can happen during naptime then GREAT!

  14. β™₯Aliβ™₯ said:

    Is it inappropriate to do it when they are not?? I hope not, I do it all the time. My kids are past naps now (barely though) and nap time was always my saving grace. It gave me a chance to re-connect with the grown up world and say good-bye to DORA DORA DORA for just a little bit before hitting the laundry, dishes, and planning yet another meal!

  15. Laura R said:

    What the heck does she think you should be doing with your time when the kids are napping? Usually, that IS the only time we mothers get a life of our own!

  16. Hicktowngirl66 said:

    Heck no your not wrong. Geez, even when my kids were babies I would be on the computer rocking them in their seat with my foot as I typed lol.

    Gosh, as my mom would say, tell her to go suck a lemon. πŸ˜‰

  17. ladydye_5 said:

    wow,,,she would be very appalled at my mothering skills. i was a full time stay at home mom of twins with a husband who worked midnights and was in bed all day. i would do email, surf, chat, clean, do laundry, mow the yard, take a shower, and even turn on the monitor in daddy’s room and then LEAVE during naps to get groceries. if the child/baby is sleeping why not get your stuff done and enjoy a bit of “mommy time”. be happy your child still naps and you have time to get things done….naptime will end soon enough and then you will wonder how to get things done.
    (looking into the future,,what are you supposed to do when he/she goes to school. are you to sit at home and wait till they get home?)

  18. pinkpiglet126 said:

    That is one of the most bizarre things I’ve read on here yet. What exactly does she think you should be doing?

    Would she rather you logged on when your kids are awake and need/want your attention??

  19. K M said:

    Are you supposed to be hovering over the child’s bed? What does she think you are supposed to be doing? Just ignore her, she’s a witch.

  20. TatieMV said:

    Tell her to F*ck off… I hate people trying to tell you how to run your life.
    well, i guess you should be nice and just say the kids are napping and you have nothing to do so you take the time to check your email… and if she doesn’t want you answering emails why did she send you one?
    It’s like someone telling you not to answer the phone but they keep calling.

  21. littlemomma711 said:

    uh…not at all! that’s the perfect time to check your personal things! wow…what a horrible thing for your mother to judge your parenting skills about. trust me…there’s nothing wrong with doing that. you deserve to have a life too. maybe your mother is extremely old-fashioned and has something against technology and the internet??? just wondering why she’d say such an crazy thing.

  22. berrel said:

    If you’re wrong, then so are pretty much all of the rest of us.
    What are you supposed to do while they’re napping?


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