Is it cheesy to make your boyfriend a card for Valentine’s Day??

he’s 15 and we have only been going out for about a month. I was going to make him cookies but i kinda wanted to make him a card too.

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6 Responses to “Is it cheesy to make your boyfriend a card for Valentine’s Day??”

  1. Leslie C said:

    No, for mine and my husbands first Valentines day, we were poor and I made him a card and he still has it to this day.

  2. stormy.! said:

    Definately make him a card. The cookies are a plus, too. The way to any man’s heart is through his stomach, as they say….But, anyway, homemade cards are very personal and very meaningful. I’m sure he will love your thoughtfulness.

  3. Merari . said:

    if you know what kind of music he likes then i would prob. get him a CD or and itunes card. A card is a cute idea. If you give your boy something personal it shows how much u like him. I bet he’ll like the cookies too. lol.

    well hope i could help a bit.


  4. Bob said:

    Not at all. He would like that very much. Put lipstick on and put it on the card where you kiss the card and make lip prints. It’ll give him something to smile about.

  5. Alison W said:

    go ahead and make both

  6. Zackary M said:

    lol no guys think the same thing about girls..
    is it cheesy to make a girl a card..
    lol trust me us guys will take anything ha


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