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Is it a good idea to give her a card in valentines day?

I like this girl and I want to say “I like you loads” is it a good idea to just hand her a car?
Also what should I write in it?


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8 Responses to “Is it a good idea to give her a card in valentines day?”

  1. Lilith Raven said:

    They are supposed to be anonymous?…

  2. Ali said:

    Write the things about her that makes you feel happy. Be friendly but not too lovey dovey or you are going to scare her!
    Give her a simple and nice thoughtful card! And remember to smile and look into her eyes when you give her the card!!

    Good luck

  3. Lucretia said:

    Yes by all means give her a card. As to what to write you could just sign your name or you could write Happy Valentine’s Day. When you hand her the card just keep it simple and say “Happy Valentine’s Day ! “

  4. Joanne A. said:

    Give her a nice pretty Valentine’s card. Most of them will say what you want to say. Sign your name.

  5. Mmaddee. B said:

    that’s a great thing to say remember anything you say is coming from your heart … that alone is something that will make her feel very special. you seem to be sweet lucky girl. make sure the card has your number so she can call you or text you to say thanks!!!! this will break the ice and help you get to know her. don’t feel discouraged about her reaction. sometimes we are shy and react a little weird when we are super excited on the inside. or go to the ladies room with our girlfriends to jump and be ecstatic

  6. Leong Yeu Yang said:

    Well…… you could give a card (by the way, you written ‘car’ instead of ‘card’ ), some girls may feel that its lame, depends from person to person (personality).

    It better to think some special surprising idea, you may refer to the links below i gave, may be helpful.
    (The effect is different to every person, presenter.)
    Wish you the best !

  7. rin <3 said:

    A card is fabulous!! Maybe even like a bear, flowers, or a nice box of chocolates. Just make sure it wont scare her….

  8. prosper said:

    yeah it is. but add another gift that u know she’ll love(or just a kind gesture u know she’ll appreciate). about d words inside, write a heart felt note, maybe something about how much u appreciate her. but above all, be natural in ur gift.


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