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Is it a good idea to break up with girlfriend on Valentines Day?

I really want to pull this off because I hate this day.
Its a lose money day.. $50 for a rose.. $100 for chocolates and $10 for a retarded card.

what a joke
LOL tempted

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7 Responses to “Is it a good idea to break up with girlfriend on Valentines Day?”

  1. tempted! said:

    IF you decide to break up on V-day
    can we see the before and after pictures ??

  2. jim j said:

    Valentines day comes once in a year,if u cant give gift to ur girlfriend once a year then ur not entitle to have gf.
    how can u be so selfish????????????????????????

  3. KayKay said:

    sure why not….

  4. Ask me me me said:

    Thats the most romantic thing i’ve heard…

  5. Lucia said:

    If I knew better, you are not even serious in this relationship. So if you wanna break up, do it even before Valentines Day. It’ll be better for your girlfriend, at least.

  6. giggles said:

    Sure, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ she dumped him on V-day and then found the guy who made her spark with a touch of his hand!

    I think V-day is the most UN romantic day of the year!

    I prefer the, ‘just an ordinary day’ candy bar left on my pillow!!!!!!!!

    Don’t waste your money, say happy V-day and be done with it. If she gets irate, dump away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. JMc said:

    Its not such a good idea if you think you might ever want to date any of her friends.


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